Tuesday, February 06, 2001

OK - back again after a short absence... Looks like I am being retrenched from work (if the company doesn't go bankrupt first). This is good! However the fact that we have to wait until the 30th June is bad...

I got a shippment of records from Dustygroove the other day including the following:
DJ Shadow/Asia Born - Entropy/Send Them (Solesides SS001, 1993) - this is the first release on the solesides label and something I never thought I would get my hands on...but thanks to the amazing staff at Dustygroove I now own a copy (and at a nice price too - around $30 AUD incl shipping!). Check the music section on the Quannum site for further details.
The Meters - Look Ka Py Py - This is a 1998 reissue of the Meters first release comprising some wickedly funky instrumental jams.
Herbie Hancock - Thrust (Columbia, 1974) - a reissue of classic HH funky jazz - awesome!

Also - on my quest to get some older hip hop, I purchased Del's first album - I Wish My Brother George Was Here (Asylum, 1991). I think he has definietly improved, especially recently on HBMS and Deltron although with such classics as Mistadobalina, it's not a bad listen...


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