Friday, January 19, 2001

Bought some new music today!
John Coltrane - The 'Ultimate' Blue Train (Blue Note, 1997) - basically the classic Coltrane album Blue Train with two previously unreleased alternate versions of Blue Train and Lazy Bird. There is also a CD-Rom that is supposed to have some decent interviews on it (haven't checked this out yet).
Aceyalone - A Book of Human Langauge (Project Blowed, 1998) - yet to listen to all of this but from all accounts this is an outstanding album - got a feeling this will be on high rotation for the foreseeable future...
Bullitt Soundtrack - Lalo Schifrin (reissue) - wicked funky tunes - I love this movie! Been looking to get an original copy of this for ages but when I saw the reissue at such a nice price I couldn't resist...


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